Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AbbyDay - A Treat for All of You Does

It's AbbyDay the best day of the week. Heck, it's the best darn day EVER.

Today I have a treat for all of you does out there.
Oh yeah.
It's my studmuffin,

Luke the goat.
Isn't he just the handsomest?

He's a goat who knows how to BASK.
I think he will be entering the Goat Olympics this summer
He will surely win the gold!

He has basking STYLE!

Nogoat had better disagree!
So maaaas AbbyGoat!


  1. yep - he is seriously handsome (please don't hurt us - MOL)

  2. OK OK Abby, we totally agree that Luke is the most handsome goat. We don't want to tussle with those horns of yours. He really is such a nice looking goat. Take care.

  3. He knows he's quite something, doesn't he?

  4. He is quite handsome for a little guy.

  5. Luke is a handsome goat but my impression is that he's kind of a player. Doesn't he dance the rhumba with all the ladies?

  6. Abby, dear, we would never disagree with you. Luke looks positively dreamy there in his studly pose!!

  7. Luke is a handsome buck for sure!

  8. Okay, he is really fine! I might even share Peanuts with a guy like that.

  9. Abby, I do agree with you! And being a kitty, I know from basking in the sun!

  10. He is quite the studmuffin! Will he get to lose his yellow hat soon? It does make him look a a king though!

  11. He IS a handsome guy! Can we take the twine off his head now?


Maaaaaa away....


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