Saturday, April 14, 2012

WHAT are They?

Little Jim was out exploring.
He was running up the driveway and down the driveway.
Running, running, running.
With a little hopping here and there.

Then he stopped.
What caught his eyes.

Luke and Buster Brown the goats.
What are THEY?
He did not know.

On the other hoof THEY did not know what he was either.
Little Jim was not happy with their, erm attention.

He decided to go back to the safety of the doe herd.
Smart Jim, very, very smart.

Those boys play rough!

All of us goats want to say Happy Birthday to the male person today.
He is OLD.


  1. A big Happy Birthday to the Male person. Hope everyone treats you well today.
    Jim, you are too funny. You had better stick with those gals for now. Are you supposed to be running up and down the driveway?? Just asking. Take care.

  2. ha ha! happy birthday to the OLD guy!

    little jim sure is a cute one!

  3. Happy Birthday old male person!LOL! Have a great day!

  4. Happy Birthday to The Old Man!

    (one of my friends calls my male person The Old Goat!)

  5. Run away!! Hahaha! Poor Jim--there are lots of scary things in this big wide world.

    Happy Birthday, Male Person!

  6. Run away Jim, run away!!
    Happy, happy birthday to the male person!

  7. Little Jim definitely needs to stay away from those ruffian grown up boys. (it seems just like yesterday that Buster Brown was the cute little kid on the farm). Many happy wishes to The Male Person on his very old birthday!

  8. Happy birthday to the male person! Little Jim should definitely stay away from those tough guys. He is too cute and little to get involved in all that.

  9. Happy birthday to the male person! I wonder how old he is in goat years.

  10. Happy birthday to the OLD male person. He's just getting better and better, filling your life with even deeper love connections. (And you don't even have to butt heads like some of the males in your neck of the woods!) Come visit when you can.

  11. Jim really is a smart little guy! We all hope your male person has had a great birthday!

  12. Jim, you're a little young to be hanging with the big boys right now so it's good you ran away!

    Happy Birthday to the male person!

  13. Whew, that Luke is fierce!

    Happy birthday to the male person...and many more.


Maaaaaa away....


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