Saturday, April 28, 2012

Run! Run! Run and Save Yourself!

I was minding my own business.
I was just ruminating.

It is what we goats do.
Then I decided to go out and graze.
That is also what we goats do.
We are nothing if not predictable.

But I would not be left alone!
Everywhere I went there was a little kid.

Is there no peace to be had for a grandnanny?

Apparently NOT! I decided to teach little Jim some head butting.
Uh-huh. I was teaching him.

Did he learn?
Of course not! He thought I was playing!

When all I wanted was time alone to do my goat yoga.
You can see my form is a disgrace because he has me all discombobbled.
That little kid needs to learn when to leave his eldergoats be.

So be like me if you are smart and RUN, RUN for your sanity!

You never know what might be leaping at you around the next corner!


I am going to be taking Sundays off now.
I am a tired goat and decided that I need one day of rest a week.
I hope you all don't mind.
If something important happens I will post.
Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Poor Pricilla, I hope you finally got a little peace and quiet! Little Jim is really cute though! :)
    Enjoy your Sundays off!

  2. Pricilla, a granny nanny needs her rest and peace. Enjoy Sundays in a quiet spot, where energetic kids can't find you!

  3. Good idea for you to take Sundays off. We don't mind. We will miss you but understand. You need some time to yourself to just ruminate. Have a great week end.

  4. Goodness, you certainly do need a day of rest with all that bouncing and butting going on. Enjoy your day off, and I hope you find a good quiet (kidless) place to browse.

  5. well, if i had that little pistol chasing me around, i'd need a day off, too. :)

  6. that Jim kid gets around.... hope you found a good place to hide and practice your yoga. we take the weekends off most of the enjoy it!!

  7. kids will be kids! sundays off sounds good!

  8. This is why I am glad there are no kittens here!

  9. Are you sure Jim isn't part rabbit?

  10. Yes those kids can be wearing for sure! Hope you can get some rest on your day off :O)

  11. Jim sure has a lot of energy! Maybe there needs to be a Jim-free zone for Grandnanny Spokesgoats. Enjoy your Sundays off! We're taking that day off too.

  12. I am sorry you are a tired goat and you definitely deserve to have Sundays off (goats need days off too).

  13. Poor you, Pricilla. I don't like human kids, so I can understand how annoying goat kids would be for you too! Unfortunately in the human world we're not allowed to butt kids out the way - they tend to frown on that sort of thing. At least you had sunshine! I hope your winter coat is loosening up so you will regain your smooth look soon! xox

  14. I think at least one day of rest is good for everyone!


Maaaaaa away....


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