Thursday, April 19, 2012

Peep, Peep, PEEP

As you saw yesterday the new chicks have arrived.

InspectorCat Harry was giving them the once over.

That or he was thinking of dinner.
We will never know, will we?

The male person had their little brooder all set for them and he put them in one by one making sure to give them a drink of water first. They had a long ride in their box and they were very thirsty.

Not to mention hungry. They took to their feeder like goats to apples.

Just like every other year their is an "exotic" chicken in the bunch.

Since it is so little the publicist and male person have to guess what kind it is.
Their best guess is an Araucana. These are chickens known for laying "Easter eggs" or eggs that have blue and green tints to the shells.

But most likely this little one is a rooster and will just make a lot of noise.
And attack me.
I do not like being attacked by roosters.
Well, that is a long way off - for now they are just cute little fluffballs.

I hope they enjoy their peephood.


  1. Oh, those baby peepers are so darn cute. That is amazing that they can survive being mailed like that. But they all look just dandy. That sure looks like a lot of chickens. Take care.

  2. I want baby chicks to come to MY door!! Pricilla, you are so lucky to get packages like that. I think my kitties would wet their pants just hearing that box peep!!

  3. I think Harry is thinking about dinner. Or, at least the hunt. They are so adorable.

  4. that is a lot of peeps! they sure are cute!

  5. Tiny, cute and fluffy! What more could you want?

  6. that is a lot of chickens.... we bet Harry is dreaming of nuggets... MOL

  7. they are adorable!!! one thing that can steal the cuteness factor from jim the goat.

  8. The baby chicks are just so cute! We hope we get to see the Easter eggs when they lay them - after they get lots bigger of course!

  9. They are so cute! And I can hear them peep by just looking at the pictures!

  10. All these humans who are squeeing over these chicks will probably get mad at me, but I look at them and it makes me hungry!

  11. I think you should start giving that little likely rooster the goat stare of death now and then maybe he'll never attack you. The girls are very cute.


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