Friday, April 27, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Calling InspectorCat Sherpa!

The publicist and male person are selling their trailer.
It is happy and sad.
Sad because they had lots and lots of fun times traveling around the country in it and it did bring them here to Montana and to us. Happy because it takes up a LOT of space - space WE could use for grazing.

Before it leaves the male person is checking everything to make sure it is safe.
The publicist is making sure it is clean.
And there is one more VERY IMPORTANT inspector doing his job too:

InspectorCat Sherpa is giving the trailer his Paw of Approval before it leaves.
You can see how determined he is to make sure that all is A-OK with the trailer.

He walked from one end to the other.

And that was a loooooooooong walk!
While he was up there he did take time to enjoy the view.

Or to scout for mice. Who knows....

He checked over.

He checked under.
He was a super InspectorCat!

He knew that he had an important task and he was going to do it well! Even if it involved looking at alien beings.

When he was done he meowed his report.
It's PAWSOME he purred.

It was time for him to get down.
He had worked hard!

Good job InspectorCat Sherpa. Good job!


  1. Good job of instpection Sherpa. That is kind of sad to be selling your other home. But great news that it will give those goaties more grazing room. Hope all of you have great week end.

  2. The new owner can rest assured it has met the highest inspection standards now!

  3. I hope the publicist makes sure all of the animals are still there when the new owner comes to pick up the trailer. I would hate for Sherpa to go accidentally end up with the new owners.

  4. Inspector Cat Sherpa...job well done!!! The new owners and now rest easy. :o)

    Great pics sweetie!

    God bless and have a wonderful weekend!!! :o)

  5. Good job, Sherpa! Cat's are so helpful like that. :)

    So, where am I gonna stay when I come to visit you?? I'm afraid the goats will eat my tent!

  6. Sherpa is the perfect name for your inspector. Especially when you consider all that he gets up to. ;)

  7. It's so good the publicist and male person have such a good inspector on the job!

  8. Sherpa certainly did a very thorough inspection job! :)

  9. Gosh, we hope he was paid in tuna! That was a LOT of work for one cat.

  10. I'm glad Sherpa was on the job - without him, who knows what might have gone wrong?

  11. We bet the new owners will be thankful to know the trailer is Sherpa approved! It's sad to see it go since it was his first home!

  12. I have an orange cat, Postino that was born under a mail box, that is Sherpa's twin. How big is the trailer and what do you haul it with?

  13. Sherpa was so thorough! I hope the trailer sells quickly :)

  14. @Gil - the trailer is 36' long and it's pulled with a Freightliner FL60.
    The publicist and the male person traveled around the country for three years and lived in it


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