Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Boys Graze Too!

We does were not the only goats that got to get out and graze.
Oh no!
The publicist let the boys out to taste that first grass of Spring.

They were so happy to be free of their pen.

Buster Brown just enjoyed the warm sunshine.

He munched away.
Mmmm, that grass is good!

Luke ate grass for a bit but he had other things on his mind for his first day of freedom.


Nommy good!
He showed Buster Brown how to munch on trees.
Or how to butt them. One never knows with the bucks now does one?

He didn't care if the tree was big or small. He went after it!
Then he went a little crazy!
He went on a long goat dance run of joy!

Buster Brown could hardly believe his eyes.

What was the silly Luke up to?

He was up to attacking Buster Brown!
Silly boys!
Fortunately it was all in good fun and they went back to munching.

I guess they had a lot of energy to expend.
Silly, silly bucks!

The publicist has EXCITING news! She is getting a new VIDEO camera! So there will soon be Happy Goat movies again.


  1. Oh that silly Luke. He had such a good time. Buster has gotten some mighty handsome horns. Bet he had a good time being loose too. That was fun. Take care.

  2. silly Luke - even Sherpa seemed to be wondering what he was up to.... And we don't think that little tree stood much of a chance. MOL

  3. really glad no one gets hurt! boys...

  4. A bit of spring fever there :O)

  5. Yay for the publicist getting a new video camera! I hope she catches one of Luke's goat dances - they are fun to watch!

  6. I hope the publicist watched Luke very carefully. He seems ornery enough to wander off if she turned her back.

  7. How nice that the boys got to get out and run off some of their excess energy!

  8. Buster Brown is looking much bigger than I remember!

  9. Buster Brown is very handsome! Luke's goat dances of joy always make us smile so we can't wait to see it on video! Yay!

  10. Sigh...I long for green grass. I'm glad you have such a great publicist.

  11. i can't wait for videos! it sure looks like spring on the farm! frolicking bucks!

  12. I thought like Daisy did--I think Buster Brown got bigger. Or he filled out or something. He is really all grown up now. And a fine looking young man!

  13. Happy Goat movies? Oh boy!

    I think the boys were just showing off for your camera. Hams.


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