Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AbbyDay - Just Because I'm Pregnant it Doesn't Mean I Can't Do Anything Any of the Other Goats Do

It's AbbyDay the best day of the week. I REALLY do not understand why the calendar people have not gotten this figured out yet!

It would seem that somegoats think that just because I am pregnant I can't do what they can do.
Pfffft I maaaa to that!

Granted I am a bit larger grander than I usually might be but that does not stop me.
Not AbbyGoat!

I still run with joy!
Maybe a bit slower but I AM full of joy!

I know I need to be healthy for my kid(s). 
(It had better be KIDS given how big I am!)

So I still practice my goat yoga EVERY DAY!
I just need a bit of extra effort.
S t r e t c h, s t r e t c h.....

There you go! PERFECT form!
I dare you to show me anygoat who could do it better!

I can still deal with annoying goats.

NO GOAT gets in AbbyGoats way!
Did you ever see a better fur ruffing?
Did you ever see shinier fur?

I think not!
I only have one more thing to maaa....



  1. Oh Abby you really are getting quite wide. It can't be too much longer before those kids arrive. We are getting excited. Wonder what Louise and Thelma will think. Be careful Abby.

  2. AbbyGoat, you are an amazing pregnant lady! And honestly, you don't look that bad from behind! though I thought you had told the publicist no more rear shots!

  3. You are certainly doing a great job. Are you due soon? And we think looking at you that there have to be at least 4-6 kittens in there. Wait - mom said KIDS. sorry.... maybe at least a couple then... MOL

  4. Keep it up Abby, exercise is important!

  5. I've heard it said far & wide (hehe) that you're positively radiant!

  6. Yikes, Abby, you are huge!!!! And I am glad that I am nowhere you can find... so you can't headbutt me for being so rude. But you are big!! When do you plan to drop the kids?

  7. You are beautiful Abby! I can't wait to see your new kids!

  8. Abby, we're wondering if you have an ARMY in there!

  9. Abby, you certainly do not let being pregnant slow you down!

  10. Abby, we think your kid(s) are growing sideways. We hope they come soon so you can still get through the barn door!

  11. Abby, you are definitely getting quite uncomfortable looking. I hope the kids come soon. You are still able to do anything any other goat can do.

  12. You certainly do handle pregnancy with pinash.

  13. way to go abby! staying in shape while pregnant is so important!

  14. You are positively radiant in your pregnancy Abby! I hope those kids come soon though, before you pop!!

  15. Dang, girl! You sure can still move about pretty well! Don't let the haters tease you--you are BEAUTIFUL!

    Anyone who's had a baby appreciates the beauty in a wide girth. :)


Maaaaaa away....


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