Sunday, March 18, 2012

Silly Sunday - We Were Wearin' the WHITE for St. Patrick's Day

We were not happy goats for St. Patrick's Day.
Would you like to know why?

Your eyes are not deceiving you!
It SNOWED for St. Patrick's Day
That is just plain silly!

We took one look out of the barn and that was that!
We refused to leave. 
What goat in their right mind would go out in the snow?
We are not silly goats!

Even the Christmas Tree-t that the publicist moved into the buck pen was covered in snow. It is not good for nibbling covered in snow!
That is silly!

The doe pen was covered too.
Silly, silly snow!

The snow was gone my noon and the publicist brought us all out.
We went back to the barn.

It was a very silly day to be sure.
We would like the sun to come back.


  1. That sure does sound like it was such a silly day. Actually, it sure sounds like you didn't have any fun at all. Hope today is better for all of you.Take care.

  2. I know this is crazy for a goat, but I would trade you our sunny 80 degree days for some rain. I'd like things to turn green here.

  3. aww. not a fun day for goats! hope your sunshine is back today!

  4. Some times Mother Nature does some very silly things indeed.

  5. if we had a big enough back yard, we would invite you here...we have open windows and about 70 degrees with sun today!!!

  6. you need my weather! the endless hot summer in march!

  7. What awful weather for you goats, Pricilla! We had rain here yesterday too, and snow in our nearby mountains - but we did not mind too much, since we are indoor-only kitties and our perpetually drought-ridden part of the country needed it.

  8. The luck of the Irish was not with you weather wise but we hope your luck changes and the sun comes back soon!

  9. It is raining here today and trying to snow...all the goaties are in their houses! They are not silly goats either!

  10. YUCK!!! You poor goats, we think you should be allowed in the yurt as compensation.

  11. Snow and rain is too much for a goat to take!


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