Thursday, March 15, 2012

A New Nemesis for the Publicist

Things have been very calm for the publicist lately on the rooster front.
You will recall Blue Guy - formerly rooster, then stew.
Then they decided to attack EACH OTHER instead of the publicist.

But now there is one very old Rhode Island Red Rooster.

He hangs out around close to his chicken house and keeps a watch over his hens.
But he has lately taken to attacking the publicist.

(at least according to her)

Hey, she says, "Just look at them! They are close to two inches long!"
She says the last time he attacked her she was left with bruises and there was BLOOD!

Don't let his innocent looks fool you.
She says he is MEAN.

She says he will soon have nothing to crow about.
She is back to muttering about stew and fricassee.

If I were that rooster I would be worried!
But I am not.

Enjoy the view while you can bird.
Enjoy the view while you can.


  1. It sure sounds like it is time for some nice chicken stew or for that rooster to find a new home. That isn't nice to attack the hand or leg that feeds you. Take care

  2. The human here is really threatening Naughty Rooster Boy. She thinks she's won for now, but I know he's plotting something. I just won't tell her. I hope the publicist enjoys her stew.

  3. wow - that looks like it would hurt. that rooster better start being nicer.....

  4. Uh oh. Those spurs are NASTY!

    So, do all roosters get mean like that? Is it possible to have a rooster that does not end up as stew? I do not know a thing about roosters or rooster stew.

  5. yikes! i would not enjoy being terrorized and bloodied by that beast!

  6. There is nothing more worthless than a mean rooster!

  7. these roosters just don't see the big picture do they?

  8. If you are gonna cook him, send him my way! Although if he is old, won't he be kind of tough?

  9. Obviously that rooster is a little ticked that your farm isn't called the Happy Rooster Farm!

  10. I would clip them spurs off with the garden pruners..or eat him...either way.


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