Monday, March 19, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - Cube and Lola

I would like you to meet some more of my goat friends today. They live in TEXAS. 
I understand that everything is bigger in TEXAS.
I wonder if the apples are bigger there.
If that is true I want to move!

This is Cube

and this is Lola.

Cube just had twins.

Aren't they cute? They are named Betty and Boop

Cube and Lola's publicist has a blog called TEXAN and she writes about her big garden.
Mmmm, garden. I can't wait for the garden to start growing in these parts.
I digress.

If you will recall, Texan made the very cute goat coats that the kids wear around here when it is a bit chilly. The publicist might just have to pull them out when Sarah has her kid(s) the way the weather has been lately.

She has also just opened a brand new shop on etsy called My Suite Retreat! If you go and visit you will see very well made aprons, zippered bags and organizers for your knitting needles or crochet hooks. The publicist says that Texan is an excellent seamstress. She has made several things for her and she LOVES them. 

She especially loves this chicken apron.

She might just let the male person know that.

So go and check out Texan's blog and her shop and say "maaaaa" from me!


  1. Oh, I LOVE that apron too! I hope she has two in stock. ;)

    I think you are gonna have to send those baby goats to Chicago where all the warm is, Pricilla. It's been in the 80's ALL week!

  2. Oh we are so glad to meet some more goats. Our Mom is so lonely for some goats. We will go right over there to visit. That chicken apron is the best. Pricilla, give that male person a good head butt and tell him that the publicist needs to have that. Take care all of you. Hope the sun comes out.

  3. Cube is absolutely beautiful. Lola is too but she looks a lot like Abby so isn't such a surprising goat. I love the little goatie coats.

  4. The twins are adorable, and so is that apron. Pester the male person!

  5. My human is a little envious of humans who can sew well. Everything she has ever made has wound up crooked or needed to be pinned somewhere because it was sort of falling apart. (But she wore them anyway!)

  6. Thanks for introducing us to more of your friends Pricilla! Love the little goatie coats and the chicken apron!!

  7. You have very cute goat friends! That chicken apron is very cute but does she make goat aprons too?

  8. I do think Texan is a great seamstress too.

  9. Can I have the body that goes with that apron?


Maaaaaa away....


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