Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - Angel, Isabella and Sadie of Beaded Tail

Welcome to another Meet My Friends Monday!
I am having fun introducing you to all of my friends. Just to prove that all of my friends are not goats today I am going to introduce you to Angel, Isabella and Sadie from Beaded Tail

Angel and Isabella are cats - not Farm cats, though. House cats.

And Sadie is a doggie.
In this picture Sadie is posing with one of the pretty journals her mommy makes with a friend. They are sold in her mommy's shop also called Beaded Tail! Every week there is a "journal of the week" that is 25% off. Isn't that exciting? They look good enough to eat if you ask me.


My friends' mommy also makes pretty jewelry and the monies she makes goes to help animal charities. That is very special. I wonder if this bracelet could be made big enough to be a goat collar?

Wouldn't Abby just be green with envy if I had a goat collar THAT pretty?

Angel and Isabella love to watch bird TV and Sadie got to have some fun in the snow that fell recently.

I don't know Sadie - I HATE the snow.
How about I send it all YOUR way if you like it so much?

Every Friday on Beaded Tail you can find the Friday Features full of beautiful animal themed products.
Every Saturday is Sadieday where Sadie shares her strolls.
And Tuesdays are Tortie Tuesdays where Isabella shows the world the glory of being a tortie cat.

So go visit my friends over at Beaded Tail.
Tell them I maaaaaed hello.


  1. Oh! I LOVE them too!! Sadie is the smiliest dog I ever knew. :)

    I like meeting your friends, Pricilla.

  2. WE do love them too. We really enjoy their blog and love visiting them. Sadie day is one of our favorites. You sure do have good friends Pricilla. Take care.

  3. the kitties are beautiful, but that sadie stole my heart today!

  4. You have so many wonderful friends! I think I prefer cat friends because the dogs scare me.

  5. I didn't know she sold things! That's really cool!

  6. awww...sadie looks like such a good girl!

  7. I love the Beaded Tail family! I visit them every day!

  8. I just love meeting all your friends Pricilla and I definitely think you need a beaded pink goat collar!!

  9. I like them, too! It is fun watching Sadie go strolling around outside.

    You would look pretty with a pink beaded goat collar!

  10. Oh Pricilla, thank you so much! We had a really long day today so this was very nice to read and of course we love everybuddy at the Happy Goats (and Cats) Farm!

  11. Yay- so fun to come here today and see Sharla's crew!

  12. I know Angel, Isabella and Sadie too. They're great! {:-Deb


Maaaaaa away....


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