Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Have a Hissy Fit - or Two

It's true!
I cannot say I am proud of it but I have HAD IT!
This is what we had to face AGAIN today:


Well, what do boys know anyway?
They are not too bright.

I decided to go on goat strike.
How, you ask?

I refused to leave the barn.
So there!
That is what I maaaaaed to the publicist.

Erm. She told me tough nuts.
She told me I had to go out.
She told me I would be lonely in the barn all by myself.
I maaaaed, HARUMPH!

So she took everyone out and left me there.

And I did get lonely.
Stupid publicist. I hate when she is right.
But I will show her.

I played Ninja Goat just like my friend Fezzik taught me

Can you see me?
I am hiding from the snow!

I refused to come out so the publicist could take my photo.
So there publicist. So there!


  1. what crazy weather! 83 degrees here with endless sun! i could scream!!!

  2. Oh Pricilla, you and all the goats just need to move here. We even have grass all ready. We are so sorry that you are having that darn snow again. Crazy. Purring for the sun to come out.

  3. we still say you can come visit - we don't have a yard, but it is supposed to be 87 here today. stupid weather.....

  4. Poor thing. I hope the snow leaves you alone for the year soon!

  5. I certainly think you are justified in throwing a hissy fit or two with all that snow.

  6. Pricilla,
    How I wish you were with me here in west Michigan. Today at 10 AM it is 67 F heading for a high of 86. You would love all the beautiful green grass. I know you would. Snow stinks.

  7. I've been throwing some hissy fits myself. We haven't had new snow for a while, but the temperatures in the mornings have only had one digit for the past 10 days!!

  8. hissy fits are sorta like therapy, sometimes. :)

  9. I feel so badly that you have snow. You are invited to come stay in the Small Town. We have 67 degrees and sunny.

  10. I don't blame you for being hissed off, Pricilla! That is too much snow!

  11. Pricilla, you are a total ninja expert like me! I am soooo impressed! You are truly a fine example of goatie ninjaness. Even *I* had to look carefully! We have strange weather too. It is never this warm at this time in March here in Nova Scotia. Something odd is going on. Mumsy sez the forecast is back to normal soon, and we often have snow in April, so while I do have sympathy for you, I don't have too much, because I know I will have more snow too. xox *Fezzik*

  12. I don't blame you AT ALL for having a hissy fit Pricilla! That snow is just no fun! :(

  13. We got snow too Pricilla but our sisfur Sadie loves it. She's weird. We're glad you didn't stay by yourself in the barn!


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