Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Boys Battle for Attention

It seems that the boys were a bit upset that all of the attention was going to little Jim.
They were a touch put out.
They wanted to remind everyone that they were still cute too.

Buster Brown gave his best cute pose.

And my studmuffin is ALWAYS cute to me - HI LUKE!
Once they had our attention they did what bucks do.

They will never learn but it is exciting, isn't it?

Luke showed why he still needs to wear his hat.

Poor Buster Brown!
Maybe when HE gets bigger he will have to wear a hat.
What do you think?

They went at it for quite a while.
Bashing and banging and banging and bashing.
To tell the truth they do this EVERY day.
Silly boys!

But after a bit they bow to each other and get back to their basking or eating.
I guess they just have to expend some erm, energy.

It gives us a show, though. Goat TV!


  1. was little jim watching to see his future?

  2. Go for it boys. Our boy goats used to do that all the time. But they didn't have horns. I will never understand why it doesn't hurt. It sure hurts me. Take care.

  3. Human boys can be like that too...always showing off and trying to impress the girls. Some human boys also wear funny hats. Really, they're very similar!

  4. wow - we bet that show was pretty awesome...... boys being boys!

  5. It looks like they are playing some kind of violent goaty game. Maybe it's the Hunger Games for goats.

  6. That's way more excitement to watch than the boys here. It does look like it's good that Luke still has his twine hat.

  7. it is rather cool that they can play and romp like that and still be friends. Wild!!

  8. There's one word for this behavior: testosterone!

  9. Silly boys but at least you girls get a "show" every day to watch!

  10. It's goat wrassling! Kind of like what boycats do, but with horns and stomping.

  11. Those boys put on a pretty good show!

  12. I tell you those bucks just want to bang heads all the time LOL...


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