Thursday, February 9, 2012

WHAT is That?

I was standing in my goat pen and the male person drove into the yard.

What did he have in his trailer?!

It even made Louise look.
What could it be?
It was BIG.
Even bigger than Sarah the goat who is due to kid next month.
(Sshhh, don't tell her I maaaaed that.)

I came running to check it out.
Things are a bit slow around this Farm lately and any excitement is welcome.

Oooooh, I know what it is!

It should be quite the show when he puts it up.
I should start popping the corn now!


  1. Sounds like a good reason to have a popcorn party to me!

  2. Popcorn, mmmmm ... Tell the male person to be careful up on that roof!

  3. Yup we sure hope the male person will be safe way up there. Bet it will be fun to have light back in there. Take care all.

  4. Oh, that will be nice to have that fixed! I'm sure it is very dark in the yurt without all that sunlight.

    Hooray for the male person!! I hope he will be very careful up there!

  5. Wow - that is very cool. Hopefully he has some help to put it in (other than the cats). Enjoy the show....

    And don't worry - your secret is safe with us...and we can't wait to see baby goats

  6. Good news! Too bad it wasn't treats for the goats though.

  7. What happened to the old skylight?.. Popcorn sounds good but I'm not sure I'd have it in the living room though as that's under the skylight... the goat house might be safe....

  8. Paws up! Will the farm cats help with the installation?

  9. @Sparkle - the male person hopes not!

  10. I hope he is going to wait until it gets a little warmer. I seems somewhat cold to cut a hole in the roof.

  11. Yeah for the new skylight! I wouldn't laugh too much because you might not get any treats.

  12. The installation is sure to be a great blog post!

  13. We'd like to see how he gets that up on the top of the yurt too! It'll be a good show!

  14. yay for the sky light! i am as excited as all of you! i bet the kitties can't wait to help install it! the male person might need several ladders to enable all the helpers!

  15. I can feel the excitement and anticipation. Too cute!


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