Monday, February 20, 2012

Time to Tell My Secret

No I am not pregnant.
I know that is what a lot of you thought.
I am retired.
Yes, I want to dance the rhumba with my studmuffin but I am 13 years old and having a kid could kill me at this age so the publicist keeps me away from him for my better health whether I like it or not.


Can you believe it?! 
(That is the publicist, the male person and her parents who have died.)
They have put up with each other love one another for all those years.
We goats think that is very special so we said we would spend the day in the barn so they could go and play together.

Aren't we nice?

This is how they looked when they were young.
OMGoat what a difference!
The publicist is O.L.D now, isn't she?

She told me she is very, very happy that the male person loves her.
She said he is a good guy.
I don't know about that - he gave me needles once - for 5 DAYS IN A ROW.
I don't like needles. Even if they did make me get better.

We goats know that we take up a lot of the publicist's time and her day is scheduled around us and the two of them can't go away at the same time because they take such good care of us. We wanted them to have ONE day together to celebrate so we agreed to spend the day in the barn.

The publicist left us with lots of nice hay and clean water.....and APPLES!
So I guess we are celebrating too.
We all hope the publicist and male person enjoy their day together.


  1. Oh, Happy, Happy Wedded Bliss Day, my luv!

    May you be Blessed with a perfect day!

    And, Pricilla-What a good goatie you are to see to it that the Happy Couple remains....undisturbed.....this fine and glorious day!

    Huzzah! for True Love!

    all my love in Sisterhood.......

    (and Darla)

  2. Happy Anniverary to the publicist and the male person! I hope they have a wonderful day!

  3. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful photo. It practically beams from the page.

    Apples all around?

  4. Oh my gosh--they are so cute!! Seems like yesterday, doesn't it? Well...some days seem longer than others, but 30 years??! WOWEE!!

    Congratualations, Patty and Mr. Patty!!

    One of these days, I'm gonna come out there and learn how to take care of you goaties so they can go away for a few days. Wouldn't that be fun??! Aunt Lin runnin' the show??! Oh, gees, that would be FUN!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Ours was 10 days ago... but only 23 years... So where are you escaping too... I'm sure you could have found room in the truck for all the goats!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!


  6. What a wonderful thing for you to do for the publicist and male person! All of us here wish them a very happy anniversary!

  7. What? No Barn party with the goats,lol! Congratulations and Happy day! I hope you all have a wonderful time on your day out!

  8. Like Lin says, Happy Anniversary to Patty and Mr. Patty. We think that is so nice of you Pricilla and all the other goats to stay in the barn so those two hooomans can go have a good time. They deserve it, they take such good care of you. They do look so cute and so young. Guess we were all young at one time.

  9. Happy Anniversary! We wish the publicist and male person many more happy years together!

  10. Happy Anniversary!!! You guys are so cute in your photos :O).

    Its odd to look back isn't it at ourselves that many years back :O). I recently came across photos of us 28 yrs back, LOL babies I tell you we were babies LOL.

    You guys have the BEST anniversary day today!! :O)

  11. Wow, Pricilla, 30 years is a long time in Goat Years, isn't it?! Please tell the Publicist and her cute-as-can-be Groom Happy Anniversary and many many more!

  12. Oh, here is where the pictures of you are! I missed them! They are wonderful!

    Love ya!

  13. happy anniversary to the humans at your place! that is awesome!!!

  14. Happy Anniversary to the publicist and the male person, I LOVE the wedding pictures! What good goaties to spend the day in the barn allowing them to have some time together!

  15. Happy anniversary to your publicist and the male person! Those wedding pictures are so cute!

    My human has been with her boyfriend 18 years this year... but they don't have anniversaries because they are not married!

  16. Happy Anniversary to the publicist and the male person! We hope they are having a fun time celebrating their special day and not worrying about you one bit! Our mommy bets they are thinking of you though since that's what humans do.

  17. Happy anniversary to the publicist and the male person. That was very nice of your goats to stay in the barn for them to have a fun day today.

    Thanks for sharing the photo too. They sure looked cute!

    Best wishes & hugs,
    Sara Cat sends purrs.

  18. So glad you took the day for yourselves. Happy Anniversary!

  19. Wonderful pictures of the O.L.D.en days.

  20. Awwwwww. I know cute, and the publicist and the male person were SUPER cute in their wedding pictures!

    Congrats on such a fabulous amount of time. :) So special.

    ... and SO cute!

  21. How marvelous to have found such a partner. I celebrate with you, even if I do admit to a certain degree of envy. May you have many more years of happiness ahead. :)


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