Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nora the Goat is Crazy!

It's true!
She is.....
Just look at this

She does not like green apples!
She sniffs them.

She will even go so far as to snuffle them and take one into her mouth.
But....she will SPIT IT OUT!
Can you imagine such a thing?

Spitting out an apple!
I was shocked!

I will neither confirm nor deny that a certain hornless brown and white goat ate those spit out apples. I will only maaaa that I don't think ANY apple should go to waste.

Back to Nora.

She maaaas that she thinks only RED apples taste good.
What a silly goat!

She prefers tree-t.


  1. Silly Nora. Good thing the star goat is around to clean up after you Nora. Maybe those green apples are a tiny bit sour. Who knows. Goats can be a little fussy. Hope all of you have a great day.

  2. I am so glad the green apples didn't go to waste when Nora spit them out. I will admit, I have, on occasion, given something to the dog if the cat has spit it out.

  3. My goaties can be pretty picky sometimes, thank goodness for the horse! LOL!!

  4. Silly goat...all apples are good!!

    Mom has some questions maybe you can answer for us sometime: kinda like goat 101 - do all goats have horns or not? how long do kids gestate? how long do goats normally live? do you spend the nights in the barn or outside (and do they worry about coyotes - cause we don't think Sherpa or Harry would be much protection against them)? THANKS

  5. one of my old mares was the same way - wouldn't eat granny smiths - only the red varieties...

  6. In all fairness, some green apples are quite tart. Could that have been the problem?

  7. I'm with Nora and will only COOK green apples. Obviously, she has taste! Tree Tea is far superior...

  8. Ha! Crazy goat!

    Hey, have you ever thought about making goat cheese????

  9. I understand picky - the other cats are always eating the cat food I rejected.

  10. Well, at least that leaves more green apples for somegoat!

  11. Thanks Priscilla - the links we great and mom says she feels smarter already!! :)

  12. It would be a shame to have an apple go to waste.

  13. Well, I agree. They taste different.


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