Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Prize, My Prize!

Did you notice the box that Sherpa and Harry were fighting over yesterday?

It was the box that my prize came in.
My prize from Sara at Red Pine Mountain.
It was not Tobogganing Turkeys.
I do not know if I am happy or sad about this.
I think it might have been entertaining to have turkeys on sleds around. Especially since it has snowed again.

I suppose it would have been very hard to mail turkeys and their red toboggan.
This is what I won:

Isn't it pretty?
It's a Scentsy Warmer. Sara is a new Scentsy consultant.
Not that I know what that is.
The publicist says it is something she has wanted for a very long time.

Hmmmm, something SHE has wanted for a very long time.
This is MY prize.
Why is it in HER bathroom.
It should be in MY goathouse!


The publicist told me to "chill."
She told me there was no electricity in my goathouse.
So there, she said.

So there I said - there is electricity in the barn and I could use it to tone down the smell of AbbyGoat in the next pen.

The publicist just looked at me.
I figured that meant no.

I think I deserved something to make up for me not getting my prize.

What do you think?

Do you think I deserve a big bowl of apples!?


  1. What a lovely prize! I do think you deserve a consolation prize for not being able to use it yourself Pricilla! Apples would be very, very good!

  2. That is a nice prize! I think you were very nice to trade it to the Publicist for those apples since she wanted it for her house so bad!

  3. Oh Pricilla, you always deserve a bowl of apples. That prize does look great. We need that in our house with all these cats in here. Besides Pricilla, you don't want to ruin that wonderful goat smell in your goat house. Take care.

  4. we think the publicist got a good prize...but your apples look delicious!!

  5. Enjoy the apples Pricilla! They sure look good and we think you deserve them. The publicist's house is sure going to smell good!

  6. i'm thinking that's a good trade!

  7. it might serve a better purpose in the goat house! i don't know that that little thing could take care of the goat house though!

  8. I think the apples look like a great trade. Glad your publicist is happy and not upset I couldn't send the Tobogganing Turkey Gang :-)

  9. I think you deserve a big bowl of apples AND a Scentsy Warmer!

  10. I definitely think you got the better end of the deal.

  11. I think you will like the apples better. Let the publicist have the other thing.

  12. Since you have to bunk near Abby in the barn you should get one of those Scentsy things too! But the apples are a nice consolation prize!


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