Friday, February 3, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Pumpkin The Farm Cat Meows, "Hi!"

Pumpkin tends to be a bit shy but he wanted to stop by and meow at all of you.
He wants to let you know that he takes care of the male person.
He makes sure that he is comfortable in his chair every night.

He inspects the male person's books to make sure they are OK.
He usually does this by sitting on them.
The male person does not usually appreciate this help.
But Pumpkin doesn't care - he meows he has a job to do and so he does it.


  1. Pumpkin looks like the perfect kind of cat for that job! Keep up the good work Pumpkin!

  2. What is it with kitties needing to sit on books and papers anyway?!? I'm glad Pumpkin takes his job seriously!

  3. Oh Pumpkin, you are so cute. We sure are glad that you made it on the blog plus that you help the male person with his reading. You do look very comfy sitting there. You have very pretty furs too. Take care everyone.

  4. That is sure nice of pumpkin, our Kota helped Honeyman make sure his chair was comfy too all the time. :O).

  5. Good job. Though: is Pumpkin a male tortie??? How cool is that!

  6. Yes, Pumpkin is a boy tortie. He knows he is rare.

  7. Is Pumpkin a male tortie?!

    Pumplin, you're doing a fantastic job taking care of things.

  8. Without Pumpkin's assistance, where would the male human be? Heh. Humans can be SO unappreciative!

  9. Pumpkin, the male person is very lucky to have you on the job! You are a very handsome Tortie!

  10. Pumpkin is so handsome! So is male person. Does he have any brothers?

    Just asking.


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