Friday, February 24, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Oh Taxi!

Sherpa the Farm cat has his own personal taxi in the yurt.
It's true!
I would not lie. 
I am an honest goat.

When he wants to get from one place to the other he just...

...jumps on the male person!
And the male person walks him around.
(The publicist has been known to be his taxi as well.)
I should learn how to do this - what do you think?

When he is up there he usually looks around, generally UP.
Sherpa likes UP.

The male person was ready to erm, deliver his passenger so he walked over to the book shelves.

Sherpa thought this was as good a place as any.

Hey! He is sniffing the papier mache ME!
He better not eat me!

Sherpa checked out the shelf - he looked all around.
And of course he looked UP.

Then he looked over.
What did he see?

Pumpkin the Farm cat watching him!
Pumpkin does not take the male person taxi.

Sherpa was done with his exploring so he decided to get down.

He didn't think there was enough room for him and a papier mache me on the same shelf.

So down he jumped, off to his next adventure.
I wonder why he didn't take the male person taxi?!


  1. sherpa liked the male person taxi ever since he was a little kitty! that jumping down photo is priceless!

  2. Sherpa, that is one terrific taxi. We don't have a taxi around here but we are going to start calling for one. Mom wants to come explore that book case. Sure looks like a lot of good stuff. Have a great day.

  3. I think the male person is the sherpa! I can't believe Sherpa does that even though he is a big boy.

  4. I think Sherpa forgot to tip his driver,lol!

  5. Sherpa looks ready to go. I wish I had a male person taxi too.

  6. that is an excellent transportation just have to be careful that you end up in the right location....

  7. Hmmm...don't let my cat Bob see this or he will be calling for a taxi too!

  8. Hurrah! We can comment again! Mommy discovered that the link on our Reader is busted but we can comment just fine from your post that's e-mailed. The internet is weird.

    ANYWAY, we are going to start training our Daddy to be a taxi! That looks like an excellent way to get around.

  9. I think Sherpa might be a bit spoiled. :-)

  10. I do not take the taxi here. I think my human is a bad driver - she is awfully clumsy.

  11. LOL!!! Cats are hilarious! I'm surprised that Sherpa didn't attack the papier mache goat. (My cat would have. But then, I have two very naughty and spoiled rotten cats.)

  12. Angel and Sherpa would get along great! She is always looking up too and takes the Mommy taxi everywhere. She calls for mommy or just stops right in front of her and picks up her front paws to get on the taxi. She hangs over her shoulder though because then she can't be booted off the taxi without someone having their shirt pulled up from behind!


  13. I think this should be done with the goats!

  14. My dad's cat, Striper, used to ride on my dad's back like that. My dad really liked it when the cat did that. One of my fondest memories is my dad dancing in front of the full length mirror with the cat on his back. He was so cute at age 87 doing that.

    None of my cats ride on my back yet, but they do like the spinning chair rides.


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