Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eating Apples for Two - or THREE?

Sarah the goat has never been one to ignore a goat treat.
Especially apples.
Now that she is due to have her kid(s) in a couple of weeks she really eats them up.

Just look at her go!
She did not let any other goat up on the spools.
She did not share.

She took up BOTH spools!

What a greedy goat!
Poor Nora the goat didn't know WHAT to think.

Other than perhaps somegoat was getting more than her fair share.

Sarah just kept on eating.
What a piggie goat!


  1. Nom-nom-nom!

    (Babies! Oh, I can not wait! Was just thinking about Kringle. He was the first baby I knew when I met you guys!) :)

  2. We can't wait either for those babies to show up. What fun. Sara, that is OK if you are a little piggy, you have to feed those kids inside of you.Take care and have a fantastic week end.

  3. I am afraid I have to side with Sarah on this one. Expectant mom goats do deserve more apples.

  4. Yes I agree,those babies demand she eat more more more treats!

  5. she is a cute little furry round thing, though!

  6. I can only imagine what Abby is like when she is pregnant!

  7. @Sparkle - she is and it isn't pretty

  8. we say have lots of apples to grow some healthy kids!!

  9. Since Sarah has to eat for two or three then it's okay she's a piggie goat. We can't wait to see her kid(s)!

  10. Poor Nora....I'm sure one day she'll be doing the same thing. Is she due for kids this year? It doesn't look like it from the picture. I love apples too, so I'd probably be like Sarah.

  11. She looks like a vacuum cleaner!


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