Monday, February 6, 2012

Aaaaah, I Really Needs Me Some Summer

I was basking yesterday in the sun.
Yes, the sun was out but it was 30°.
This is not prime basking temperature.

It got me thinking about REAL basking.
SUMMER basking.
I really, really, REALLY needs me some summer.

This has been a weird winter.
It's been cold.
It has snowed.
It has warmed up.
It has rained.
It has gotten cold again.

I don't know what kind of fur to grow!
I grow underfur.
I shed underfur.
I need it again.

I am one confused goat.

I want some nice summer sun and perfect basking conditions.
I don't think it is too much to ask.

I want some nice corn to munch.

I want some beet greens.

So get on it, publicist before I do something you might regret.


  1. Poor Pricilla! I hope you get some good basking weather soon!

  2. It HAS been such a weird winter! Hobbes is pretty happy though, because he has been able to still go outside a lot. Even just a short hop outside beats inside the house anytime according to him. I think he likes the same weather you do, Pricilla.

  3. it was 62 and sunny here all day yesterday and will be even warmer today. teddy basked all day as i sulked!

  4. we hate to say this, but mom warns the really good basking weather is probably still a ways off...and she doesn't think the publicist can control the weather either.... but we feel you pain!

  5. Now we were having some good basking weather here, but now this week poof back colder again.

  6. my horses down here are going thru some similar things. they're shedding their fuzz, but then it freezes and they do too!

  7. I don't blame you! This back and forth is just too much!

  8. Hang in there, darlin', spring will be here before you know it.

  9. You and me both Pricilla! I needs me some more summer too ... 4 days in Tucson was not enough.

  10. Oh Pricilla, we will send this sun your way right away. It will be there in a day or two. Take care.

  11. I'm with you on this one. It's not like you can grow or shed an undercoat in a day. It takes time. This up and down is just for the birds. Wait~they don't like it either.

  12. The goaties here are ready for summer too and it hasn't even been that cold!

  13. Pricilla, if your humans had a farm down here in southern California, you could have summer like weather almost year-round and no snow! The only downside is my human would probably come over and bug you all every time there were baby goats at the farm.

  14. Pricilla, our mommy saw some goats basking in the sun yesterday and she thought of you not being able to bask as much lately. We all hope summer hurries up and gets here soon!


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