Monday, January 23, 2012

We All Refuse the Leave the Barn

It's true.
On Thursday not one of us would leave the barn to go into our pens.
A few of us ventured out a bit, but we all ran back to the safety of the barn.
We are not stupid goats.

Nora was the first one the publicist tried to trick.
She said that it was "just fine" outside.
That we goats would be "OK."

Nora peeked out the door.

She gave that snow a good sniff.

She waddled out a bit.

The snow ate her legs!

The publicist is an idiot.
She ran back into the barn.

I was smart enough to not even go out.
Sarah looked out...

But ran right back in!

Abby and Thelma ventured out a bit...

They looked around.

And they ran right back into the barn.

As I maaaed, we are not STUPID goats.
The boys followed our very intelligent lead and never even poked their heads out of the barn.

So there snow.
So there!


  1. What smart goats all of you are for sure. That snow was all the way up to your belleh. We think the barn was the best idea yet. Hope the sun comes out soon. That does not look like fun. Take care.

  2. is sorta deep. I guess I don't blame you.

    Hobbes went out in the snow. But like you, he headed for the door pretty quickly! And now, the snow is gone. :( We had rain last night! This weather is so weird! Thunder and lightning in January????!

  3. smart goaties! all of my snow is being washed away buy the big rain storm!

  4. yep - that would be our reactions too!!! way too much snow to go outside!

  5. "the publicist is an idiot" ha ha ha!!!

  6. I don't blame you for not wanting to go out that silly white stuff, but calling the publicist an idiot was uncalled for.

  7. You are very smart goats. I think you should demand that the Publicist take a hair dryer on an extension cord and get busy making a proper path for you to follow. It should lead to treats, and be 90% snow free at least. xox

  8. It looks to me like you are all very SMART goats for staying inside the barn!

  9. Sometimes it is best to hibernate.

  10. Bleagh! What made the publicist even think you guys would consider going out?

  11. Your publicist needs her head examined, fibbing to you goats like that!

  12. That was very enjoyable!

    Love your writing style. :-)


  13. Can't put anything over on you smart goaties!

  14. Seems like the publicist was the only silly one to go out in the snow!

  15. They handled the snow a lot better than we did in Connecticut. Smart goats.

    (Lots of snow!)


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