Thursday, January 26, 2012

Take Out Tree-t

Before all of this storm stuff started we goats were enjoying the last of our Christmas Tree-t. Oh, those long ago days. Days full of nothing but eating yummy tree-t. I am going to reminisce a bit now because I am tired of the snow.

Nora and Sarah were munching away but the publicist knows I am a special goat.

So she brought me Take Out Tree-t.
That way I didn't have to be bothered by any other goat while I enjoyed my snack.

And boy! Did I enjoy my snack! 

The publicist brought me several pieces.

She really spoils me, but then again I deserve it!

I just had to watch out that a stupid chicken did not steal MY Tree-t!

Do YOU like Take OUT Tree-t?


  1. a happy meal..did you get a toy too?

  2. wow - what a nice publicist to bring you take out....hope the memories get you through the snow!

  3. I was wondering if that chicken was after your tree-t!!

  4. What a nice publicist! I do enjoy when the human brings me a special treat~just for me. I hope your happy thoughts of the Tree-t get you through the winter.

  5. that's got to be some amazing roughage...

  6. I have to get ANYTHING edible separately from the other two cats! Not even because I'm special (even though I am), but because they are HOGS!

  7. That was very nice of the publicist to get take out for you Pricilla! Good thing that chicken stayed away!

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  9. Oh Pricilla, we sure are glad that the publicist is taking such good care of you. You really are a special goat and deserve all that good treatment. Yummy looking Tree T. Take care and stay warm.

  10. That was an extra special thing to have happen!


Maaaaaa away....


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