Monday, January 16, 2012

Strange Happenings in the Buck Pen

Buster Brown is an odd little guy.
Yes, he is very cute.

I will give him that.
But he has taken up a new hobby.

Goats DO NOT ice skate!

There is a little patch of ice in the buck pen and Buster Brown just LOVES to slide on it.
Silly Buster Brown.

Does he think he is Buster Boitano?
Does he think he will be in the Winter Goat Olympics?

We have no idea what is in his little goat head.

We just know that he guards his little patch of ice from all comers.
And that includes his daddy....

Luke the goat!
Wait 'til you SEE the battle they had.
It is something to behold!

Happy Martin Luther King Day to all of my followers in the US.


  1. Maybe he is trying to rescue the goat under the ice (if he can see his reflection that is....)

  2. That's a very interesting obsession, ice. It's possible that he likes the sliding feeling on his hooves.

  3. buster has something in common with teddy! but, when teddy hears the ice crack even a little, she bolts off of it!

  4. With form like that, he's sure to win a medal in the Goatie Winter Olympics!

  5. I guess in some ways, Buster Brown is still a kid!

  6. I LOVE ice skating...not very good at it....but its fun!

  7. You really need to worry if he starts sharpening hos hooves into blades.

  8. That is too funny! I'm glad he is having a good time! :)

  9. You got me with the Buster Boitano. Goats sure have a sense of humor.

  10. We hope he doesn't attempt a triple double loop!

  11. Hahaha! Oh, that is HILARIOUS!! I give him a 10!


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