Thursday, January 19, 2012

Soon There Will be No More Tree-t

You will recall that not too long ago Nora the goat tried to hide behind the Christmas 

It almost did hide her!

Not any more!
The Christmas Tree-t has been eat.
(I know, bad grammar but cute rhyme.)
But we still have some munching to do.

Look at last year's Christmas Tree-t.
We did some job on it, didn't we?

So we will continue to munch

and munch

and munch some more until that Tree-t is down to the trunk!
The publicist gave me some as take-out.
I will show you on Saturday.

Oh, it has snowed. A lot!
We are NOT Happy Goats!


  1. You goats are doing a great job taking care of doing away with the tree. We expect to see all those branches disappear. Take care all of you and try to stay warm.

  2. O hai! I sorry ur tree has to go bye-byes. Maybe u get another one before next Kissmouse. :)

  3. You goaties are very efficient at "recycling" the tree-t! Stay out of the snow and keep your little hooves warm!

  4. recycling at its best..... you certainly look like you enjoyed it!!

  5. I am sorry about the snow but at least you have your Christmas tree-t to keep you warm.

  6. Your tree-t lasts a lot longer than any of our kitty treats!

  7. Does your Tree-t still taste evergreen fresh after this much time? We saw that it's really cold up your way. It's very rainy and icky here.

  8. I hope you all stay warm and dry with the snow. That tree-t has certainly been enjoyed!

  9. I can't believe you eat it down to nothing like that!! That is very silly.

  10. Ohhh Christmas tree, Ohhh Christmas treeee, how much I love to munch youuuu!


Maaaaaa away....


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