Sunday, January 29, 2012

Silly Sunday - I Am Sad but I Win a Prize so I Can Smile

I was a very unhappy goat for a while.
Why you ask?
This is why...

My favorite basking spot was blocked by the big snow.
I had nowhere to bask!
That was just not right!

I sulked.
I sulked in my little goat house.

Can you see me.
Do I look unhappy?
But the publicist told me I won a prize!

THAT got my attention!
It is from the very nice Red Pine Mountain blog.
She said it might be TOBOGGANING TURKEYS?!!!!!!!

I am not sure I WANT a tobogganing turkey.....
Would YOU?
Hmmm, I will have to wait and see about this.
I will let you know.


  1. I'd hope those turkeys would have tobaggans if they have to live in all of that snow! hee hee hee I can't spell's too early!

  2. Oh Pricilla, we are cold just looking at you.I still think you should be allowed in the beans house. That the heck are tobogganing turkeys?? We can't wait to see. Hope you get warmed up soon.

  3. a tobogganing turkey could be very entertaining to watch when you can't be out there basking in the sun!

  4. Congraaaaaaaaaaatulations Priscilla! Enjoy your turkeys! :)

  5. I an't believe the publicist didn't clear you a place to bask!

  6. See?? That is WHY I should have won--I would LOVE a tobogganing turkey! He (or she) would fit right in at my house. Sigh.

    I hope your sunning spot comes back. Ours disappears for a few days, but then it comes back. It's very weird this winter. Maybe the publicist should go out there and shovel your spot for you? I think that would be nice of her, don't you?

  7. Concatulations on your prize Pricilla - I looked over at Red Pine Mountain's site and I am sure it is awesome!

  8. Well, she wouldn't get you all excited unless she knew it was something pretty terrific!

  9. I can't wait to see what you won Pricilla! I checked out the Turkey Tobaggon Training, what a hoot!

  10. Oh Pricilla, we feel so bad for you having all that snow! We bet the prize makes up for it though!


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