Monday, January 30, 2012

Luke Hogs the Hay

My studmuffin is a piggie goat!
It's true.
He is keeping Buster Brown from eating the hay in the buck pen.
I do not think this is nice.

But we goats can be very, erm, protective of our food.
In fact, we can be downright butty about it.

Luke the goat was munching and Buster Brown just wanted a bit too.
I mean, I don't blame him! He needs to eat.

But Luke was not in a mood to share!

Luke chased Buster Brown away!
Oh no!
Poor Buster Brown!

The publicist called to Luke to talk to him.
She told him that he obviously had enough to eat since he was covered with hay!

Buster Brown expressed his displeasure to her.

Erm, Luke was having nothing to do with this SHARING stuff and chased Buster Brown. He chased him right into the goat house.

Any time he stuck his head out even a little bit, Luke would explain to him in no uncertain terms that the hay pile was LUKE'S!

Finally Luke was full and Buster could come out and eat.
Poor Buster Brown!

Now there are TWO hay piles.
Silly bucks!


  1. Ah, poor Buster Brown! Luke, you might need to learn some table manners...

  2. We toatally agree with Daisy, Luke you need to learn some manners. Poor Buster needs to have some hay too. Could Buster have his own pile but I guess Luke would chase him off of both piles. Hope you goaties stay warm. Take care.

  3. Oh if goats can't be stinkers to each other! Its certainly not their best trait. lol

  4. I am glad the publicist was able to fix things for Buster Brown. He deserves to eat too. I'm not sure that Luke deserves your attentions. He sounds a little bit like a bully.

  5. boys - can't live with them, can't get them to leave. :) MOL


  6. i HATE the pecking order stuff that goes on in any herd! not nice!

  7. It's only right for them each to have a pile. That way there's no need to share.

  8. I agree with Millie...every goat gets their own hay pile here!

  9. Luke just wants to make sure he is El Goato Numero Uno (or however you say it). Two hay piles sounds like a good solution... as long as Luke thinks he has the better one!

  10. Poor Buster Brown! Luke sure does not know how to share at all but we're glad Buster Brown has his own pile now!

  11. Gees, Luke is a bully! That sure isn't very nice. Or maybe he is just bored and is looking for someone to chase???


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