Saturday, January 28, 2012

Harry Helps the Male Person - Part II

We left off yesterday's tale of Harry "helping" the male person with Harry having some trouble on the BIG ladder. In fact, Harry had SLIPPED while coming down the ladder....

The publicist was VERY upset!
She did not want Harry to fall down EIGHTEEN FEET.

So she called in reinforcements!
She called in the male person to help Harry help the male person?!?
OK - maybe she just called the male person to help Harry....

What do you think?

So up he climbed.


But it seems Harry didn't seem to think he NEEDED rescuing and he gave the male person a bit of a HARD TIME.


Harry did not appreciate what the male person had done. 
He jumped to the wall and acted like that is what he had intended all along.

He walked off with out so much as a thank you meow.
That Harry!
The publicist was just happy he was off of the ladder.


  1. Ungrateful little puss! I'm glad he got rescued though so we can all see the "Further Adventures of Harry The Farm Cat!"

  2. the male person sure knows how to ruin a good time.

  3. Hooray for the Male Person!! He was very brave considering all those nails clinging for dear life. Going up is one thing, going down....well, it is a very difficult task.

    Harry, please don't do that again!

  4. It is always harder coming down. The poor male person was just trying to help and we are so glad that he did. We did not want to see Harry at the bottom of that ladder.Like Daisy says, Harry you are a maniac. Too funny. Take care all of you and no more ladder climbing.

  5. Glad you are OK Harry. Don't do that again!!

  6. Well, I hope Harry learned his lesson.

  7. Harry, we knew you could get down all along!

    Say, it that an Evil Red Showercap we see on the smoke detector? (That's where Felix's came from...)

  8. You know, I heard a story on Radio Lab about cats falling out of windows. Seems that they can fall from 30 stories up and still land on their feet. Amazing.

    But I'm still glad that the fireman male person attempted to rescue silly Harry.

  9. That's what happens when humans try to "help" kitties who are trying to help them! Of course Harry meant to jump onto wall all along. Sheesh!

  10. Wow! Those are some amazing actions shots! That first one is a real doozie!

  11. Ha-aaary! Get down from there! Gee, not even a thank you meow? Funny! I agree with Margaret. And the 2nd shot is funny too. Clinging for dear life!

  12. Well, it was a great rescue attempt by the male person but obviously Harry didn't think he needed to be rescued!

  13. Whew! Harry knew what he was doing while who knows what the Male Person was doing.


Maaaaaa away....


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