Monday, January 2, 2012

Exciting News!

I have exciting news to share with you!
It is about my shop.
I have a new soap.
It's true!
Since I am in official SpokesGoat mode today I need to show you my headshot.

It's how things are done.
Now for the news!

I have a new shape of soap!
And I hope you are as excited as I am....look

My favorite snack of all time!

I LOVE apples as you all well know.
I could eat them everyday!

But please DO NOT EAT THE APPLE SOAP no matter how good it smells.
You will burp bubbles!
And it really will not taste good AT ALL.

There are a few listed in my shop now and more will be coming all throughout the year. Isn't that awesome?! I think so!

To celebrate my new soap I am having a very special promotion on my blog. If you use the code APPLE you will get 20% off of your order no matter what you buy! This sale will last until the end of January. So if you need soap now is the time to buy some. (This sale does not count for special orders or for favor soaps.) So head on over to my shop to well, shop!

Thank you for being such great followers and welcome to an exciting new year.


  1. Huzzah! for your new store!
    And you are a MOST beautiful goat!

    Good luck with your venture!
    I can smell those apples from here!


  2. Pricilla, that is one really cool soap. An apple. That is terrific. We can't get any right now. Hope you have such a good week.

  3. That is just cute soap! I hope you sell bushels of it!

  4. Such a cutie and love the new soap design! Thank you for making me laugh first thing this morning..I so needed that! Mwah! :)

  5. that is a great new is impressed!

  6. How exciting! I hope you got lots of apples for your hard work. :-)

  7. wow! you have lots of shapes of soap! i promised my next order for soap would go to melodie, but i need to go check out your publicist's jewelry, too.

  8. The apple soap is very cute! We like the kitty ones too! :)

  9. Bet that smells good. Its cute as a bugs ear.

  10. When is the publicist going to make tuna scented soap shaped like a fish?

  11. Or fried chicken, shaped like a drumstick?

  12. STEAK soap! Although we would NOT like to burp bubbles...hee hee.

  13. What a cool shape and you did a wonderful job promoting it Pricilla! Lots of apples for the hardworking spokesgoat!

  14. Ooo! Congratulations! I love that mold! My lady really, really liked the rich soap that she won in your giveaway! She let me sniff it but she wouldn't let me see her in the bath! Tee hee.

  15. How come you don't have cute soap shaped like Ryan Gosling????

    Okay, so the apple soap is cute. But it ain't Ryan Gosling soap. :P


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