Tuesday, January 31, 2012

AbbyDay - That's IT! I, Abby, am Officially Tired of This Snow!

It's AbbyDay! The best day of the week. Hasn't you day been brightened because you are seeing ME?! Of course it has!

I am officially tired of the snow.
I demand it be taken away.

Although I must admit that I do look good against the white background.
Don't you think?

After goat yoga last week I looked all around and decided enough was enough.
I mean, we can hardly walk in our goat pen.

See? Even I, AbbyGoat slipped.
This is not the way a graceful goat wants to look.

Thelma expresses my opinion perfectly. I am teaching her all of the important skills.

So that's it snow!
AbbyGoat says so!
(The AbbyGoat Stare of Death is surely enough to melt snow!)


  1. I'm with the goat pallies. But it is not the snow that is getting me, it is the winter months--even if it is supposed to be 60 degrees today. I'm tired of being a slug. I want to walk outside, take a bike ride, sit in my garden--do SOMETHING other than sit here and then sit there. :(

    Looked into the pond yesterday to find a froggy belleh up at the bottom. That always puts my mood in the ditch.

  2. Oh Abby, we have put in an order that the snow leave all of you today. That sun is going to come out and make mush. We do hope it warms up soon and melts all that white stuff. Take care.

  3. I would think that the AbbyGoat stare of death would be enough to melt the polar ice cap! Yikes!

  4. We agree with Thelma....and good luck with the death stare...

  5. ok if that works and its gone tomorrow, wow have you got a good career ahead of you! :O)

  6. Lin - I, AbbyGoat am most sorry about your little froggy. I send you an AbbyHug.

  7. you should come and visit me. it is 62 degrees here today!

  8. Abby, I thought the goat stare of death was meant to FREEZE things! So maybe you should come up with a different look to melt the snow!

  9. Wonder if Mother Nature is afraid of the AbbyGoat Stare of Death. Hmmm.

  10. You do look stunning against the white of the snow, but I certainly understand your desire to get rid of the snow.


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