Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AbbyDay - It's MY Tree-t

Of course it is my Tree-t!
I do all the hard work around this place why should it go to any other goat.
That Pricilla is crazy if she thinks it is her Tree-t.

As soon as I got in the goat pen I took over.

I eyed that Tree-t up and knew just how I was going to attack it.
I don't care what they all thought on Sunday. I was not trying to lift the Tree-t, I was shaking the needles loose so it made for easier snacking.
Stupid goats!
THEY don't know how to eat Tree-t, but I do!

I gave that Tree-t a real close up look and decided it was a very good Tree-t indeed.
It was worth MY effort.
Abby only eats the best of the best!

I even decided to share...with my kids.
I am teaching them how to be AbbyGoats.
It's the best way to be!

Louise really enjoyed that Tree-t.
She takes after her nanny.

But soon it was just me and the Tree-t.
As it should be.
As it will be.


  1. Uh oh. Abby is going to be in trouble! tee hee.

  2. I am glad you are still sharing with your girls! It is a skill to be able to eat and run off your fellow goats at the same time!

  3. Abby, you really need to let Pricilla have some of that tree-t since she is officially the Queen around there. There looks like there is plenty for everyone. So watch your step Abby. Take care.

  4. silly Abby....but we are glad you got your share of the tree-t

  5. those little salt and pepper kids are too cute!!!

  6. I'm wondering how long it will take them to eat all that. It's quite a big tree-t!

  7. Your girls are very lovely. You are a good nanny to teach them about eating tree-ts.

  8. Funny...but it seeems just like yesterday that I started with these tree-t posts........
    Wow.....what a year!

  9. Oh no, two more AbbyGoats in training!!

  10. Abby, maybe the publicist should have two tree-ts so that the other goats can have some!

  11. Abby, do you have a little piggy gene by chance? Just wonderin'. :)

  12. We would be happy to come over and loosen up a few needles...

  13. So, do you all have pine breath??? And does that affect the taste of your milk?


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