Tuesday, January 3, 2012

AbbyDay - I Look Back on 2011

Usually that Pricilla gets to reminisce about the year gone by but this year the publicist said I could do it. She said that I had to include ALL of the goats though, not just me. I told her I would be a good goat.....so here we go.

The year started out snowy and cold and we got ourselves a Christmas Tree-t.

We also got a lot of yummy hay to eat all winter long.

It snowed. A LOT. And we were NOT happy goats.

We did some fun reviews although we didn't always know what we were reviewing.

We had the Catstacular Event with the Farm cats.

I was humiliated for the sake of this stupid blog.

I danced the rhumba with Luke the goat.
Hubba hubba!

I had my kids, Thelma and Louise.

They grew strong over the summer.

I toured the yurt.

The roosters went a little crazy!

We ate a lot of good stuff from the garden.

I got some scratches and smiled.

I kept everygoat in line around the Farm.

The publicist called me a baaaad goat but that is NOT true.

It snowed. Again!

I inspected Pricilla's mail and found it...interesting.

And soon we will have a new Christmas Tree-t.
And how it begins so shall it end.

What?! I mentioned the other goats! I even mentioned the Farm cats!
What more do you want from me?


  1. That sure was a good review of the year Abby. Good job. We love your two kids. Have a great day.

  2. good job abby! it sure was fun to look back over the year! it was all over the news here about a man feeding his goats his xmas tree. i was like, duh!

  3. great review Abby!!! It sounds like you all had a great year (except for maybe some of that snow).

  4. What did the other goats think of the past year. Did they get to share in the treats too? WIll you share the tree-t with them?

  5. Nice review about goats. I hope more people discover your blog because you really know what you're talking about. Can't wait to read more from you!

  6. What a great review of the year's activities on the farm!

  7. And so, it was beautiful........!

    I *do * love your butt shot but those roosters are out of control!

    Happy New Year!

  8. That made me laugh to look back at what an eventful year it was. I had forgotten about some of that silliness!

  9. I think you did an excellent job reviewing the year. Of course, kids and tree-ts are very important events!

  10. Great year in review Abby! Your kids were cute, cute! You did at least *mention* the other goats! ;-)

  11. Abby, I think you did a pretty good job of mentioning other goats! Well, considering that you ARE Abby, after all! And you did feature the Farm Cats a little too.

  12. You were very generous to mention the other goats and the Farm Cats on AbbyDay, Abby! We enjoyed your year in review! There's lots of Christmas Tree-ts in our cul-de-sac today that we wish would could gather up for all you Happy Goats!

  13. Holy cow, I think I may need a nap! I love eating christmas trees, boy are those tasty....

  14. What a great year it was! I look forward to another fun year reading all about the Happy Goats! :)

    I wish I could send you my tree. :( It's sitting in the backyard waiting to be cut up for mulch.

  15. It was a busy year! I know you guys are waiting on that tree snack!


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