Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mud Season?! Now?!

The publicist is not happy.
It has been raining since Tuesday.
She had to break out her mud boots.

Mud season has arrived IN DECEMBER!
It is not supposed to be here until May.

There are big puddles everywhere.

The stupid chickens think they are watering holes.

Stupid birds!

We goats are not happy either.
We had to spend ALL DAY FRIDAY in the barn.
Can you believe such a thing?

When we came out our pen was a MESS!
Nothing but mud, mud, mud.

Abby and her kids wanted to find some dry space.
Can you see me?
I am hiding!


Abby and her kids chased me out of the goat house.
I was not happy.

This is my opinion of the weather.

Maybe if I smile nicely at the publicist she will make it go away.
What do you think?

Even Sherpa the Farm cat is not happy about this rain.
He meowed and meowed at the publicist.

She told us all to suck it up.
She said at least our hooves and paws stayed on our feet unlike her boots which got sucked off by the mud.

The male person said he just wished it was all snow.
I do not agree.


  1. And goaties *do* hate wet feet!

  2. On no Pricilla, they did not chase you out of the goat house. That isn't nice. That does look like a muddy mess. We had a lot of rain this past week too.
    Hope the sun comes our soon. We wanted to wish you a very Happy and Healthy New year.

  3. We had rain all day yesterday too. It's awfully muddy here too. I hope it dries out for you.

  4. i wish it would come down here! i'd happily wear my mud boots for weeks if it meant filling up the ponds and lakes!

  5. It looks like our year of weird weather is going to last to the very last day of the year!

  6. Rain in December is just plain wrong. We had some a few weeks ago and it make a mess of our snow. When the inevitable refreeze occurred, we were left with frozen ruts and ice everywhere. ugh

  7. That is just too much mud for December! What wacky weather we have had everywhere this winter!

  8. mud vs snow....we are just going to go with EWWWWWWW

  9. Oh I LOVE mud puddles! Wish I was there!


  10. Pricilla, if you hate mud and snow, I suggest you move to southern California! Only problem is that it is nowhere near as stunningly beautiful as where you live!

  11. mmm I will take the water and mud. I am not much on the snow. We could really use the water here, send it on down!

  12. Mud is definitely better than snow. Although mud is unpleasant too. I hope it dries quickly for you and you don't get much mud in your hooves.

  13. I just found you through "Texan" and your jewelry is beautiful. I will be back to buy my daughters some earrings this year. Such beautiful work!

    And, I think the animals have a point, muddiness is yucky for everyone involved!



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