Thursday, December 29, 2011

Harry the Farm Cat Explores the Barn

Many of you were correct yesterday.
Harry the Farm cat was in the barn.
He has discovered that there are MICE in the barn.

Since he is a GREAT HUNTER he has decided that he should explore.

The publicist asked him what he was doing and he said, "talk to the paw!"

But what is this Harry sees?
Is Thelma the goat in the stocks?

Louise too?!

WHAT is going on?
Silly goats! They have hay in their pen.

Harry does not understand, nor does he care!
He has EXPLORING to do!

Up, up, up he went!
The publicist felt like she was being watched.....
....and she was!
Silly Harry the Farm cat.
Come back tomorrow to see the rest of his adventure!


  1. Harry is cute with all his exploring! Talk to the paw was too cute!

  2. Wow! Harry sure is brave going so close to the goaties! And climbing so high!

  3. He certainly is an adventurous kitty! I hope he eats all the mice for you.

  4. harry is beautiful. such sleek fur!

  5. Hmmm...Harry and Thelma and Louise are all the same color! Are they related?!? ;-)

  6. silly Harry.... we love the goats taking hay from the other side of the wall - like little kids, all things are better if you take them from somewhere else. :) Can't wait to see the rest of Harry's adventure.

  7. WE also like 'talk to the paw'. That hay looks gorgeous to us. The donkeys want some of that. Harry, it sure looks like you are having a wonderful time. Nothing better than a barn to explore. Take care.

  8. I glad to see kitteh keepin everyone safe. I is a sekoority guard too. :)

  9. And will there be a message spelled out in spider webs: "Harry is Brilliant" ?

  10. i think harry has found a permanent job!

  11. I want to know if Harry caught bunches of mice!

  12. Thelma and Louise probably wondered what the heck Harry was doing watching them at eye level! It's good that everyone coordinated in color! :) We hope Harry gets lots of mousies!

  13. Hey, Mimi said what I was going to say. :)

  14. Harry, you are an intrepid explorer!

  15. I'll be back . . . I promise I will be back. Love that "Talk to the Paw" photo.


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