Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Surprise for Buster Brown

As I mentioned on Thursday, when Buster Brown entered his pen in the snow he found a surprise!
What was it?

His very own goat house!
He and Luke the goat had been sharing a goat house but now he had one of his very own!

He was not sure at first.
Goats do not like changes.
We are strange that way.

He gave it a good sniff.

And a very thorough look/see.

But he still wasn't done.
He even checked out the top of his new house.

I think his biggest problem was that it was smaller than Luke's goat house!
Silly Buster Brown!

Luke the goat gave it a good check too.

As I said, we goats are not too fond of change and this was a new thing in his goat pen.

But he gave it the A-OK.
Especially if it meant he didn't have to fight Buster Brown for the other house any more.


  1. Hooray for Buster Brown! It is great to have your own goathouse!

  2. Oooh! That's nice! Buster is so cute! I see Luke is sporting nifty yellow twine in his hat today! Very handsome! We are going to get our goat igloo back down at the barn because the lambies got their very own dome!

  3. Oh Buster, how great is that to have your very own house. Looks like a snazzy house too. Way to go Buster. Have a happy Saturday

  4. We all think those are fun to bounce on. The human isn't happy because we sometimes break them.

  5. Those goat houses look too much like PTUs to me - I would be a little wary of them too!

  6. Little goat houses for you and me.....

    Great. Now I'm gonna be singing Mellencamp all day. Sigh.

    Why do I think the next shot is of BB on TOP of his new pad? :)

  7. yay! glad they each have their own shelter now!

  8. chow chows and goats have something in common! teddy hates change. we have to do the same thing at the same time or she gets her cute little nose out of joint.

  9. Soooo....we see goats and cats DO have common ground! We detest change too, yhat is until it's not new any more.

  10. So THAT'S why I love my goats so much! I hate change too! LOL!!


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