Monday, November 14, 2011


The publicist told us that snow was coming.
Ugh! Snow.

You know how I feel about snow....
The male person spent all day yesterday getting the outside ready for the BIG STORM that was coming our way. He told us we would probably have to spend the day in the barn.

Ugh! All day in the barn.

Well, it snowed.

Heh, and we didn't have to spend all day in the barn.
Not much of BIG STORM was it?

Now there was a bit more snow in the mountains but we were lucky down here in the valley.

I for one am glad I am not a mountain goat!

But Nora and I are both happy we are sportin' our winter coats!


  1. Whew! Dodged that bullet! Having a big storm so early in the season is NOT good for one's mood.

    I saw our opossum last night--his fur is awfully think and pretty already. I'm thinking it's gonna be cold this winter. :(

  2. It's very good to have a nice thick winter coat this time of year. So glad you didn't get stuck in the barn all day.

  3. Glad you guys didn't get a lot of snow!

  4. well, at least you got to ease into winter a bit!

  5. you can send me all of your snow. i am ready and waiting!

  6. Wow - snow! Pricilla, you should consider moving to my part of the woods. It's in the 60s around here... But you would not have the gorgeous views and the space to roam, so count your goatlessings.

  7. stay warm - but we are glad you didn't have to spend the day in the barn!

  8. Phew! We hope winter stays away for a long time Pricilla!

  9. It's just a heads up for what's to come. Yikes!

  10. I must confess, Pricilla - I don't leave in a snow area and it must be a real pain to have to deal with it year in and year out... but it does look pretty!

  11. Oh, I'm glad you didn't have to spend the day in the barn! It looks like just enough snow to frolic in.

  12. I'd probably take a little snow. It was 85 degrees here today. Maybe I could just send you 20 degrees or so...


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