Sunday, November 6, 2011

Silly Sunday - Thelma Vogues for the Camera

Thelma the goat is thinking of being a famous Supermodelgoat so she has some new headshots to show off...

So, what do you think?
Is she the next Heidi Klumgoat?


  1. Thelma is beautiful. But not quite as beautiful as you, Pricilla!

    ps: Congratulations to Sherpa on winning the toy giveaway!

  2. We just have to agree with Daisy. YOu are gorgeous Thelma and have some good chances to be a special goat model but Pricilla, you still are the very best.

  3. She is beautiful! Just don't let her starve herself. Voluptuous goats are way more beautiful!

  4. Oh yes! She is fro sure a goatie super model! Some goats have it some don't,Thelma has it!

  5. I'm not an expert on the requirements of goat modeling, but it looks to me like Thelma has perfectly formed goat features!

    If cats have to do the catwalk (and humans too, for that matter), do goats have the goatwalk?

  6. Thelma is certainly a supermodelgoat! She's a beauty!

  7. Such a pretty girl!!

    Hey, congrats to Sherpa on winning the big giveaway at Beaded Tail!! I think Hobbes is still pouting...


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