Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Out, Out Damn Goat!

So you saw yesterday how reluctant Nora and I were to leave our nice, warm, snow free barn. 

Did this stop the publicist?


She made us go out into all that snow.
Stupid publicist.

I mean that snow was up to our udders.
Do you know what it is like to have frozen udders?
I thought not!

I tried to reasonmaaaa with her but it was no use.
She said we had better get used to it.
It was winter!

So off we trekked.

The long....

cold walk...

To the doe pen.
Does anyone in Florida or Arizona or HAWAII want to adopt some nice, sweet goats?


  1. Hey, I know where you can get some snappy lavender snowshoes.....

  2. You could come visit us, but we're going to be up to our udders in snow soon enough...

  3. Mother McCree! That's a LOT of snow already! Yikes!

    You could come here for the winter. Goats live inside at Mimi's house and get to watch TV.


  4. Yikes - we don't think being kicked out of the barn is very nice....but the publicist is right - it is going to get worse before it get better....sigh.....

  5. That publicist runs a tight ship, doesn't she? No goat slackers allowed!

  6. snow to the udders? hmmm...ice cream?

  7. I am thinking that frozen udders are NOT a good thing!!

  8. You goats would love it here in Southern California!

  9. Well humph! Maa at your Publicist to shovel a nice walkway for you! Poor icy udders! brrrrrrr! xoxoxoxo

  10. Frozen udders have to be the worst! We think you should take a vacation and visit Sparkle for the winter!

  11. Maybe in a week or two they'll be trouncing and playing in it like crazy.

  12. Hahaha. Thankfully I do not know what snow up to my udders feels like. That stinky publicist.

  13. Oh Pricilla, that makes us so sad to see you in all that snow. Wish we didn't live so far, you could come live with us but the Publicist would be very sad not to have you there with her even in the snow. We think some booties are in order. Take care.


Maaaaaa away....


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