Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Baaaaaaad Goats

You will recall that we left Sarah the goat eating hay in the hay pile.

Baaaaaad Sarah!
The publicist, erm encouraged Sarah to leave the hay pile.

It took some discussion but she finally did


Stopping for a munch along the way.

Silly Sarah!

But in spite of the publicist yelling at her she did not immediately go the doe pen as she should have.

No she did not!
She and Abby were baaaaaaad goats.

They went into the male person's garden!
Sarah ate the male person's carrots!

The male person was not happy.
Sarah and Abby FINALLY went to the doe pen but they did not get their grain treat.

I did!


  1. It's so nice that you were rewarded for being a GOOD Goat. They should listen to you, Pricilla. I hope you are teaching Thelma and Louise to be good goats too!

  2. see - there are rewards for being a good goat!! we bet those carrots were good, but such bad goats for doing that!!

  3. I'm sure you did not mind Sarah and Abby being bad, Pricilla - it meant more grain for you!

  4. Carrot tops? Goes to show that crime DOES pay!

  5. You are such an honourable goat, Pricilla. We bow to your example. **LN**

  6. Abby has taught Sarah pretty bad habits! Those two are trouble makers! Of course you're the good one Pricilla so we're glad you got your grain treat!

  7. Bad goats is right. Ate the carrots, Yikes. Bet the male person was annoyed. Pricilla, we know you are a good goat. Glad you got your treats. Have a great day.

  8. Baaaaad!
    (but still wicked cute!)



Maaaaaa away....


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