Monday, November 21, 2011

Harry the Farm Cat Gives a Gift (?!) to the Chickens

I warn you now!
Do not read further if you have a week stomach.
This is an icky, yucky post.

Harry the Farm cat has turned into a mighty hunter.
The publicist discovered that Harry was not sick he was depressed.
He wanted to go outside like the other Farm cats.
So in spite of her reservations and concerns she now lets him out.

He roams the Farm and he hunts!
He hunts pocket gophers and mice.
This makes the male person happy because there are too many rodents on the Farm.

EVERY day that Harry the Farm cat goes out he leaves a little gift (?!) for the chickens.
(The chickens being truly disgusting creatures)

Sweet little Harry the Farm cat

Leaves them a pocket gopher.
A dead pocket gopher.

He will leave it and one silly chicken will find it.

But then a crowd will form.
Maybe I should say a flock. Heh heh

The chickens will try and fight over the dead rodent.
But one will ultimately win and run off with it.

With the rest of the chickens in pursuit.

Crazy birds!
It looks like she is clucking, "wait for me."

But then they all had a party under the male person's truck.
I will NEVER understand chickens.


  1. Way to go, Harry!

    I never knew chickens would EAT meat, I thought they just ate grains and such.

  2. Yes,we always save we hope none of us ever pass out in the chicken yard..they would be like slow piranhas! I have no doubt they would pick our bones clean!

  3. Those chickens are pretty gross sometimes. You should see the human here squeal in glee when the hens go after live mice.

  4. I'm with Daisy--I had NO idea! I thought chickens just walked around and pecked at grain. Who knew they peck mice and stuff?! EEEK!

    I'm very impressed with Harry--neither of my cats are hunters. Well, unless you count hunting out the softest spot on the couch!

    Do they eat the entire mouse??

  5. Do they really eat it or just peck it and play with it?

  6. well, i'm glad it does not go to waste!

  7. I have never had a cat. They hunt gophers and such you say? How about moles? I am sooooo tempted! Yours don't bother your chickens. Thats good cuz I am trying the free ranging again with the girls and a cat can't be after the girls... I might need to make a trip to the local shelter and find a mole hunter, erm I mean kitty.

  8. We are glad Harry is enjoying being a farm cat, but mom suddenly has a whole new vision of chickens (and it isn't good)....

  9. I never did like chickens, and they are stinky. Eeww! Texan, there was an older female cat from the neighbor's place. I've seen her with moles. She was indeed a mighty hunter.

  10. I'm curious what the chickens do with the gopher once they take him. Do they eat it or just hide it from each other? I didn't think chickens ate meat but I could certainly be wrong.

  11. MOL! You made my human go, "EWWW!" - and laugh at the same time. I think that is very nice of Harry to leave a present for the chickens!

    I am perfectly happy to be an indoor-only kitty, but I have to say, if I lived on a farm, I would probably hate being cooped up too!

  12. Hurrah for Harry! We are glad he's feeling better, and so generous, too. It tickles us that he kills rodents for the chickens, and then, someday, Harry will get a piece of roast chicken...kinda like the birds around here that eat our leftover cat food crumbs.

  13. Yay for the mighter hunter Harry! We didn't know chickens eat meat. They must be very hungry to eat a gopher!

  14. I am laughing out loud. Why are chickens so funny? What a silly group they are.

  15. That really is funny, the chickens taking that gopher. That is so nice of Harry to give it to them.I didn't know that chickens ate meat either. Take care and have a great Tuesday.


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