Saturday, November 12, 2011

Go Thelma!

The kids around this Farm learn quickly.
Most of us older goats like to help them along.
Although somegoats (Abby) are not always as nice.

But in spite of having such an erm, challenging nanny little Thelma the goat is turning into a first class leaf eater. I would like to think that I had something to do with this. She is my grandkid after all....

She just goes right in for the broccoli leaves; she knows how good they are going to be.

And why not? It's exactly what any self respecting goat would do.

Not to mention look good while eating.
Thelma excels at that!
Doesn't she?

I am sure you said YES!


  1. She is a beauty! I think those broccoli leaves look yummy too.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh Thelma, good job at eating those yummy leaves. You are not a dumb goat, that is for sure. Also it looks like you are growing up.We think that Granny is very proud of you even if you are Abby's child. Take care.

  4. I bet she gives sweet goatie kisses too. Eating her broccoli, good goat!

  5. i think thelma and lois could be goat models!

  6. Thelma is growing up to be a very pretty goat!

  7. Mommy says Thelma is a rare soul that looks great with her mouth full!

  8. She's getting big! Guess that's due to all the healthy brocoli (YUCK) that she's eating!

  9. I read you blog everytime you post, although I don't comment-- I think Thelma totally takes after you! :)

    The minute you mentioned Brocoli, however... I thought of gas. Don't light a match anywhere nearby!! ;-)


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