Saturday, November 5, 2011

Farm Cat Saturday?! - Is Sherpa Going on a Trip?

Since yesterday was the Blog Blast for Peace Farm Cat Friday is now Farm Cat Saturday!
Next week all will return to least that which counts as normal around this Farm.

You will recall that the publicist left us.
She left us to go visit Aunt Nora.
We were very happy when she returned but it seems that Sherpa the Farm cat wanted to make sure that she did not leave again.

He hopped into her suitcase!
He would not leave.

When the publicist called to him HE TURNED HIS HEAD!
Ooooooh, baaaad Sherpa!

He eventually let her put her suitcase away.
But it took several days.


  1. We have that problem around our house with the lap top case! lol

    Gotta love our animals!

  2. Good job Sherpa. Keep that publicist from leaving all of you again.And that is the best way to do it. Hope all have a super day.

  3. i guess if you leave again, sherpa is going with you!

  4. I don't blame him. That publicist should always stay home and give you lots of love and peanuts!

  5. Haha love it! This reminds me of our orange kitty who can never resist the urge to camp out in a good bag or suitcase, himself. :)

  6. When my mom visits the farm she always has at least 2 cats hiding in her suitcase. That could mean that we could have Florida transplant cats. Be careful Sherpa.

  7. Sherpa wants to be sure. He takes no chances.

  8. nothing like a good cat paperweight to do the job!

  9. Aunt Nora's cat Napster parks herself on my briefcase because she knows I won't travel for business without it. And I don't travel, except for business. She totally misses the point that someone has to go out and bring home the salmon, sushi, and Pounce.

  10. And well he should turn his head; we bet the publicist did not fill out her leave slip!

  11. Sherpa, we hope the publicist learned her lesson about leaving the farm! We bet if she even thinks of doing that again the male person will even help you sit on that suitcase! :)

  12. He spent days on her bag? That is pretty hardcore!

  13. or next time she leaves, she must take Sherpa with her.... MOL

  14. I love that when they look away like they don't hear you. Ugh. They can be 5 feet away and act like they totally don't hear you!

    At least he didn't pee in there. One year Grace peed on my clothes that I had already packed. And I found it when I got on vacation!! That was a nice surprise. :(


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