Friday, November 11, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - WAKE UP!

Welcome to another Farm Cat Friday!
Sherpa and Harry the Farm cats are here today to...

Hey you two, WAKE UP!
You have company!

Just what have you been doing that has you so exhausted?
I mean really, Farm cats?

How hard can it be?
Whoa, Farm Cat Stare of Death!

OK, OK go back to sleep.
I'll leave you alone.

Not that I think Harry even knew I was here....

Happy Veterans Day to all of my readers in the US.


  1. It looks like Sherpa is barely on the can he sleep like that?!?! Cats!

  2. Looks like Harry was out cold there LOL and he was taking up most of the bed lol

  3. Yep - sometimes work comes AFTER the nap.....sleep well boys!!

  4. Farm cats have it right. It is a good time for a nap.

  5. The kitties are tired. It is hard work being a cat.

  6. We have a rough time managing our house, we can imagine how exhausting an entire FARM would be!

  7. Sometimes even farm cats need to take some time off.

  8. Sherpa, you are a good sport to let Henry sleep all curled up with you. It does kind of look like he didn't know you were there. It is really hard work on farm We get exhausted.
    Take care

  9. Oh, cuddle buddies to stay warm this winter!

  10. Reminds me of Ruby and Reba cuddling up!

  11. Oh, look how cute they cuddle! My two NEVER do that--they hate each other. :( That makes me sad. You two are such sweet kitties!


Maaaaaa away....


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