Monday, November 28, 2011

Big Snow Week

This week I will share stories with you about our BIG SNOW.
I did not get to share them last week when it happened so you will get to hear all about it this week.
So put your sweaters on and get ready to be chilled!

The publicist woke up to this:

The snow was everywhere.

Even on our water buckets.

But it was beautiful. If only to look at.
We goats are not too fond of snow.
As I keep saying, we are Nigerian dwarf goats.
Goats of the DESERT.
We like it warm.

The publicist came to get us out of the barn.
Nora was not so sure.

She peaked out.

She looked around

and she maaaaed to me, "no way! you look and tell me what YOU think."

And so I did!

More tomorrow - AbbyDay is postponed due to snow!


  1. Brrrrr! You all need to put on some GoatCoats!

  2. i am jealous!!! i want snow. i am not a nigerian goat. it is warm here!

  3. That is a lot of snow. I'm so glad we don't have snow like that yet.

  4. Wow - very chilly....stay in the barn!!!

  5. Looks like a good day for a stay in the barn party!

  6. yeah, i wouldn't be so excited about getting out in that either...

  7. Oh dear, yes I agree stay in the barn for sure.

  8. I can totally imagine Nora's reaction to her first snow. What the heck is that stuff. She was probably asking you to make it go away NOW.

  9. That is a LOT of snow for November!

  10. That's way too much snow for a desert goat! Hope you stayed warm in the barn!

  11. Holy COD! We Cats are desert animals, too. We agree with you completely about snow.

  12. Couldn't have said it better than you. Nasty snow.

  13. You goaties need goat coats and goat snowshoes to go out in that stuff!

  14. Ooo! That's very pretty Pricilla! I agree though...stay in the barn with munchies! Brrrrr!

  15. It really is beautiful. I must admit. SO glad you're feeling better this week!

  16. That is one big bunch of snow. Poor goaties. I would have stayed in the barn too. Too darn cold to go out in that stuff. Hope the sun is out by now.


Maaaaaa away....


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