Monday, October 17, 2011

STILL No Publicist

What is going on?
There is still no publicist!

AbbyGoat and Sarah the goat are REALLY not happy.
The male person is not a fast milker like the publicist.

They like to get up, get milked and get out.
This does not happen with the male person.
For one thing he has big hands and they have, well, little udders.
It makes for a bit of a challenge.

But he eventually gets the job done.

But it's not pretty.
Abby is good as long as she has plenty of grain.
I think she goes into a grain coma.

Which is good for the male person.
Sarah is a bit more nervous.
She shakes and shakes.

And she has been known to step into the milk.
This is not good.
Not good at all.

They both hope the publicist comes back soon.


  1. Yikes - sounds like EVERYONE hopes the publicist returns soon....including the male person... :)

  2. i bet the male person wishes that too!

  3. But Pricilla, if the male person is taking care of YOU goats, who is taking the PICTURES?

  4. I bet you guys will have something to say to her when she finally shows up!

  5. You should really give her a piece of your goat minds when she gets back! The dairy goats on our farm would probably say the same thing about the male person here you know he doesn't even warm his hands up first! How mean he is!

  6. We wonder who's going to be happier to see her! At least the Farm Cats are easier to take care of!

  7. I hope that your publicist returns safely. I must say, that would be awkward. Our human made her boy milk us occasionally, and he'd see how far he could squirt our milk. Imagine the indignity!

  8. Dang! I just wanna know where she went and what she is doing! I'll bet she is having LOTS of FUN!!

  9. I bet you are going to welcome her home with open hooves. Then it will be the male person's turn to go away. Hope the publicist is having a good time. Take care.


Maaaaaa away....


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