Sunday, October 30, 2011

Silly Sunday - Nora the Goat Bites off More Than She Can Chew

What is Nora the goat thinking?

Does she think she can fit that corn stalk in her mouth?
Now I know that we goat love to munch on a tasty corn stalk but really!

One goat cannot eat ALL of that alone, can she?
Ooooh, I am not going to mess with her.

I will go somewhere else and look for one of my own.

I think Nora is not in the mood to share....


  1. Do you goats get to eat PUMPKINS on Halloween?!?

  2. Silly Nora, eating that corn stalk. We love the picture showing all the goats, even those handsome boys. Hope all of you have a great Sunday.

  3. I bet she can fit the whole stalk in there. If not she will give it a good try. Goats are so greedy. Sweet but greedy. LOL

  4. Uh-oh, has Nora been taking Abby lessons?

  5. shoot! We were hoping for a tug-o-war!

  6. Nora's jaw is going to be sore when she gets done with that corn stalk!

  7. What ISN'T yummy for goats??? You guys are always eating something silly!

  8. It looks like Nora has been munching a lot of corn stalks.


Maaaaaa away....


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