Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sartorial Splendor

While the publicist was away the male person had some, erm challenges with Thelma and Louise the goats.
They were not used to the male person taking care of them so they were a touch skittish.
They did not go where he wanted them to go.
They did not come when he called to them

He got a touch frustrated.
Since they did not have collars there was nothing for him to hold.
Their horns are not big enough to use as handles yet.

So when the publicist came home she went shopping!

Thelma did not mind having a pretty new collar.

She thinks she is quite "the thing" in her bright raspberry necklace.

She knows that it looks great against her black and white fur.
She is one stylin' kid!

Louise was another story.
She did not want a spiffy new collar.
She ran away from the publicist

She maaaaaed, "No way!"
But who is boss around this Farm?

Not Louise the goat!


  1. chow chows do have something in common with goats. i am always having to put my foot down around her!

  2. Raspberry is the perfect color for the girls! They look very pretty wearing their new "necklaces" !

  3. How lovely!
    EVERY goat should be accessorized!
    (While I do appreciate the horns as handles option I'm not so sure that Darla does!) lol

  4. Do you mean to say that Thelma & Louise have been naked up until now????

  5. And that's the way it should be. The gals do look lovely.

  6. Some goats just aren't the necklace kind, but dang, they're cutie pies!

  7. I'm to cute for my cute for my collar... tee hee...

    I have a feeling my honeyman will have a story or two to tell when Mrs Laughing Duck and I get back! I have never left him with all the animals to care for before LOL

  8. Hey there...I found you over at the Texan.....we have a summer place in Montana....on Flathead Lake....quite a different spot than in western Montana. We drove through your part of the country this summer coming south and I could not believe the difference in the different parts of the state. goats on the lake. LOL


  9. Louise, you need to take some kitty lessons! We all have gotten out of wearing collars for various manipulations, I mean, reasons.

  10. Bet now they wish they had came when the male person called them! They do look cute in their new collars though!

  11. Louise, are you being very norty about your new necklace. You would look very pretty with that lovely necklace around your neck. If you don't let the publicist catch you, she might ring your neck. Take care.

  12. So you're saying Louise takes after her mom?

  13. They are so cute! And these stylish collars...


Maaaaaa away....


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