Monday, October 3, 2011

Oooooh, My Luke, My Love!

Ooooh, my Luke. 
He still loves me.
Even though I cannot dance the rhumba any more he still comes to visit me.

Isn't he just the most wonderfulest studmuffin?
He stops by on his way to his pen to give me a big MAAAAAA hello.
He says I'm still the one who gets his tongue wagging.

Isn't he sweet?
Or disgusting - I'm not quite sure.

At least he cares enough to say hello.
Especially with all those other does around.


  1. Of course he still loves you, Pricilla! You are the most beautiful doe on the farm. Older does make beautiful lovers, you know! Weeeee!

  2. Awwww. You still got it, girl!!

  3. aw take good care of your sister wives!

  4. Listen girl, age is just a number, and I think Luke's got your number! You are an eternal beauty and an inspiration for all us old goats, er, I mean girls!

  5. He kept his date I see :O). He is not silly he knows older does are just like wine, they get better with age! :O)>

  6. Luke looks pretty handsome. But we has a question (since we don't know much about goats) - what is that tied around his horns??? A toupee??? MOL

  7. Every goat needs a fancy twiney headdress to cut the rug! Heeehehe!

    Have a bright and beautiful fall day filled with colorful blessin's sweetie! :o)

  8. Oh Pricilla, you will be Luke's first love forever even if you can't dance the rumba any more. You make a gorgeous couple and it is very nice of him to stop by your pen to say hello. He is a handsome dude.

  9. It's so sweet that Luke stops by to say hello to you! We know he'll always love you!

  10. My human, who is not exactly young, says you are never too old for a bit of romance!

  11. Oh Pricilla, guess what I did? I danced the rhumba with Marley today! The human isn't happy, but I'm pleased with myself!


Maaaaaa away....


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