Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Gifts from Friends of the Male Person

The publicist and male person have the best friends!
Because one of them gave the male person a big pile of WOOD!
You know how much we goats LOVE to munch on bark.
There is bark on WOOD!


Thelma and Louise were especially excited about this new source of fiber.
There really is nothing quite like the taste of fresh cut wood.

Louise really got into the pile to munch the yummiest bits of bark.
She is growing up to be a very smart goat.

Being twins they really do tend to stick together.
Synchronized eating all the way!


  1. I never knew bark could taste good! Isn't it a little bit dry?

  2. oh yum! are some barks better than others?

  3. they're very cute. like salt and pepper shakers. :)

  4. Oh, yum. You are lucky goats! It's good for twins to stick together. They'll always have someone to snuzzle!

  5. Our ladies will strip a branch in a minute. They love it so much. We love to give them branches from the pine and spruce trees. Yum.

  6. Bark is the equivalent to chocolate to goats I think!

  7. Maybe our Mommy should eat some, she's always talking about fiber...

  8. Oh yes, our goats that used to be here used to stand on the fence and eat all the bark off the trees. It is a little like chocolate to them. Daisy, I do think it is juicy. MOL. Take care.

  9. After cabbage and corn stalks, bark just doesn't seem that tasty but you sure make it seem like it is. Yay for good friends though!

  10. I wish my human had friends that would bring over roast chicken!

  11. Alright, fresh wood to chew on, does it get any better than that? :O)


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