Monday, October 31, 2011

A Halloween Treat - A Giveaway!

It's Halloween!
I have heard a rumor that we goats will be getting APPLES today.
That is a treat for sure!

As long as the publicist does not plan any tricks I will be a Happy Goat!
I am sure that AbbyGoat will be playing tricks all day.
It is what she does.

I have a treat for you, though.
The publicist had these very cute little gifties made...

They have my adorable little face on them
(MINE, not Abby's!)

They are filled with Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.
Guess what flavors?
Since they are from me you should know!
What else?
Green apple and red apple.
Isn't that funny?
The publicist thinks so....

She is letting me give one away with two favor sized bars of my rich soap! She is calling it a Stocking Stuffer Prize Pack because she thinks it will make a cute stocking stuffer for someone for the holidays.

She is just a little bit silly.
Oh, Happy Halloween! Don't eat too much candy.
I will try not to eat too many apples.

If you would like to win you just need to enter with the Rafflecopter!

Disclosure:  The publicist reviewed the Party Beans on her blog and she got them for free. I just get apples as per usual. Although I love apples I think I should get them every day. Don't you?


  1. So, does this mean that Pricilla is full of beans??? :D

  2. Goodness, those are so darn cute. I need to order some soap anyway to give a way for Christmas so maybe I will win some. Happy Halloween.

  3. Christmas is close isn't it? Oh my goodness. Those are cute. Very smart.

  4. Well we think this is patently unfair that we cannot enter the rafflecopter. We neighbors to the north are not that bad you know! Now Lucky Nickel wants tins with her image on them. Great. Two problems with one post...bah! We shall go eat M&M candies and contemplate our isolation. Sigh.

  5. Those look like fun! (Although my crazy human's favorite flavors are pina colada and strawberry cheesecake!) MOL at what Lin said.

  6. I'm in! I'm in! I got on the rafflecopter! This is good, because I would not usually get in a helicopter because those things just look scary to me. Rafflecopter is way different. A smooth ride, so to speak. Thanks Pricilla! We love your soap, and your cute tins!

  7. Those are cute treat thingys Pricilla! We hope you enjoy your apples today!

  8. CHRISTMAS!!??!!

    Uh oh, Mommy just passed out...was that YOUR trick, Pricilla?
    Happy Halloween!

  9. What a very nice giveaway. Your publicist is very nice.

  10. We'd pick the blue and orange M&M's!


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